Heavy Automatic Transmission Products

Heavy Automatics specialise in Allison Transmissions and products for heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses and earth moving equipment.
Heavy Automatics supply

  • Allison Transmission
  • Allison Earthmoving Transmissions
  • Filter Kits
  • Support Equipment
  • Secondhand Transmissions

Heavy Automatics is a national supplier of transmission parts and external support equipment. Heavy Automatics can supply a huge range of reverse and neutral start switches, throttle position sensors, flexplates, morse cables, and more – all the best high quality brands. Just ask the friendly team at your nearest Heavy automatics Service Centre.

1000 Series Transmissions


1000 Series Brings superior performance of electronic controls from 6 to 11.8 tonne vehicle GVW. The engine and transmission communicate by a powerful microprocessor providing precise, perfectly timed shifts whatever the road or load conditions. Standard features include lock-up operation in second to fifth range and helical gearing for reduced transmission noise.

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2000 Series Transmissions


2000 Series The 2000 Series transmission is designed for commercial trucks and smaller buses with gross weights up to 15,000 kilos (33,000lbs). The transmission increases torque capacity for higher powered vehicles within a lighter weight package. Adaptive technology ensures that optimum performance is maintained at all times. It also enables the transmission to compensate for […]

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3000 Series Transmissions


3000 Series Is flexible enough to work in a wide variety of vehicles, designed with a choice of close ratio for city streets and highway driving and wide ratio for construction and refuse applications. The torque converter results in better startability, particularly on gradients and an optional output retarder provides effective auxiliary and vehicle braking.

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4000 Series Transmissions

6000 Series Automatic Transmission by Heavy Automatics

4000 Series With high horsepower and torque ratings making heavy duty commercial vehicles more productive and easier to drive. With Allison electronic controls a 4000 Series can adapt to operate efficiently in a wide variety of conditions for superior performance in severe applications. Programming options can be set to prevent gear engagement whilst the auxiliary […]

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Off-Highway Series Transmissions


Off-Highway Series The 5000, 6000, 8000, and 9000 Off-Highway Series transmissions are used in applications requiring 298 kW to 1678 kW (400 to 2250 horsepower) engines. Applications are diverse and include oil-field pumping and fracturing units, off-highway trucks, agricultural tractors, and winch units such as those on derricks and cranes. 5000, 6000, 8000, 9000 Series […]

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Torqmatic Series Transmissions

Allison Torqmatic Series Transmission

Torqmatic Series An ideal choice for city buses and coaches, advanced electronic controls ensures efficient operation in all kinds of terrain and inner city traffic. The torque converter operation and close ratio gears optimise engine efficiency. The early lock-up engagement with “closed loop” adaptive controls ensures outstanding shift quality.

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