Off-Highway Series: Off-road vehicles

5000 Series

The Allison 5000 Series is designed for applications ranging from 373 kW to 500kW.

A wide range of stationary and mobile applications for the Allison 5000 Series include: Winch, Oil Field Equipment, Dump Trucks, Tractor and Cranes.

The Allison 5000 Series features up to 5 forward speeds and two reverse. Transmissions are provisioned for Power Take-Off (PTO) and optional hydraulic retarder. Transmission control system options include Automatic, Manual Electric and Manual Hydraulic.

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5600 Series Spec Sheet 5610 Spec Sheet



6000 Series

The Allison 6000 Series is designed for both stationary and mobile applications within the 522kW to 764kW range.

The 6000 Series features up to 6 forward speeds with two reverse, and has optional retarder capability

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6600 Series Spec Sheet


8000 Series

Allison Transmission’s 8000 Series is designed to match the most severe operating conditions and is used in vehicles that require up to 895 kW (1,200 hp) engines such as oil field pumping, fracturing, off-highway trucks and winch units used on derricks and cranes. With up to six available forward speeds and one reverse speed, as well as an optional hydraulic retarder and two Power Take-Off (PTO) provisions, the 8000 Series provides superior durability, productivity and safety.

Ratings and Specs

Allison offers several model choices, giving you ultimate control over selecting the features and power you need for your fleet. See the grid below to compare all of our transmission models and find the one that best meets your business needs.

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8600 Series Spec Sheet 8610 Series Spec Sheet


9000 Series

The Allison Transmission 9000 Series is designed for extreme operating conditions in highly demanding applications up to 1,939 kW (2,600 hp). These applications include oil pumping, fracking, cranes & winches as well as specialized off-highway trucks.

Allison 9000 Series transmissions have up to 8 forward speeds plus a maximum of two reverse speeds. The Allison 9000 features an optional hydraulic retarder, two Power Take-Off (PTO) provisions and an optional provision for customer- supplied parking brakes.

For high demand energy and mining applications the Allison 9000 Series is the ultimate for applications up to 1,939 kW (2,600 hp)

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9600 Series Spec Sheet 9610 Series Spec Sheet 9800 Series Oil Field Spec Sheet
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